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Adventure Dash Fun Run is a high-energy fundraising company dedicated to help school districts across the country raise incredible amounts of money for their schools. Our fun run is a fun-filled, age appropriate obstacle course based run. This allows us to show each student that no obstacle will be too hard to overcome when trying to achieve a common goal. We employ teamwork through the classroom to help encourage your students to work together.

“…no obstacle will be too hard to overcome when trying to achieve a common goal.”

Adventure Dash serves children across the country by teaching healthy habits through our daily health and fitness lessons. We strive to instill the importance of physical fitness through an action packed obstacle course fun run that teaches the power of the team over the individual.

Our Team

People first!! Not only are we the best at what we do, we also have the best team to help us accomplish our goals. Our team always strives to make sure EVERY child’s experience is awesome and that they all feel included in each and every interaction, party, conversation, and event.

It takes a very special person to be able to provide this experience to your students and your school. Our team members are very unique which allows us to relate to the students collectively. While unique, they all possess these common personality traits and then some:

Why Adventure Dash Fun Run?

We invest in each school that partners with us by teaching students about teamwork and fitness. Our goal is to help the next generation of leaders understand that although the individual is important, a team can accomplish more together!

We employ teamwork through the classroom to help encourage your students to work together.

Benefits of Partnering with Adventure Dash Fun Run

Keep more money!

With our pricing structure, your school is able to keep more of your fundraising dollars. Ask us how!

Our Team!

We are a “People First” company. Our staff consists of highly energetic, fun, enthusiastic, coaches who love kids!

We do all of the work

Our highly trained staff will be on campus throughout the entire fundraiser.

  • Teaching our health and fitness lessons
  • Connecting with students throughout the day
  • Distributing and scheduling incentives to individuals, classrooms, and the school when goals are met
  • Organizing, setting up, and leading the  obstacle course fun run on Dash Day

Online Donation System

Fewer Volunteers are needed

Better Run

Our Fun Run is simply bigger, better, challenging and more fun…while still being safe and age appropriate.

Our Schools Love Us!!

How It Works

Adventure Dash Fun Run is a 10 day fundraiser for your school that breaks down into 3 major components. Every student participates during the week and everyone gets to run on Dash Day!

1. Rally Day

It’s time to kick off your fundraiser!! The Adventure Dash Team will lead a fun and exciting pep rally for the entire school. There will be music and dancing as we introduce the kids to our team. We will have them participate in a few fun challenges and we will get them super pumped about raising money for their school.

2. Daily Health & Fitness Breakouts

Every classroom will participate in our daily character based health and fitness lesson. Through these breakouts, we will promote teamwork as each child learns they can win incentives as an individual, as a class, and overall as a school. The atmosphere in our breakouts is fun and competitive as we challenge students daily!

3. Dash Day!

This is the day we have all been waiting for and an event they will not forget. Adventure Dash Fun Run puts together an obstacle course fun run with music, dancing, and cool, age appropriate (yet challenging) obstacles. EVERY child will be able to participate on Dash Day as we close out a successful fundraiser!

Donation System

Easy Online System

Once a student registers online, they will receive their own individual link that will lead to their own donation page.

No more door to door sales

The individual link can be shared via email, text and social media which makes requesting donations quick, easy, and safe.

Real Time Results

Everyone will be able to see how close you are to your goal in real time!

Other Ways to Donate

If a child chooses to bring in cash or checks, we take care of counting these (in the presence of a school representative) and entering them into the online system.

Eddins Elementary
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Jacob's Well Elementary
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Rennell Elementary
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Give us a shout for more information or to put our team to work raising money for your school!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your child will complete the 8-10 obstacles on the course which will count as one lap. The obstacle course fun run contains over/under obstacles and high/low obstacles that will challenge our runners.

We will accept cash/check donations through the end of Dash Day. We will accept online donations through the Sunday after our Friday Dash Day!

Depending on how many times they run around the course, your child can expect to run anywhere between a half mile to a full mile around the obstacle course.

Donations can be submitted online once you have created your child’s home page. Through this link you will be able to send your information to friends and family to donate.

Yes, cash and check donations can be turned in to your school.
We will always offer a rainy day makeup. We don’t not want your child to miss this amazing event!
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