Our Mission

“Funding Education through Teamwork”
Adventure Dash is a High-Energy Fundraising Company dedicated to serve School Districts across the country to raise incredible amounts of money for their schools. We use fun-filled, age appropriate obstacle based courses as a way to show that no obstacle will be too hard to overcome when trying to achieve a goal. We employ teamwork through the classrooms to help encourage your school to work together. Sponsoring a student on one of our races will be a way to show that you believe they will accomplish their goals and set a foundation for the future. We believe the money we help raise at each event will be overwhelmingly more than any other fundraising event offered at your school!

Adventure Dash

Our Dash consists of fun-filled, age appropriate obstacles for the students to run through, over and under.

Adventure Dash Fun Run serves children across the country by teaching healthy habits. We strive to instill the importance of physical fitness throughout an action packed obstacle course and lessons that teach the power of the team over the individual. Our hope is that all students experience the thrill of competing with their fellow classmates to accomplish the same goal and realize the impact of giving outside themselves!

Why Adventure Dash

We invest in each school that partners with us by teaching students about teamwork and fitness. Our goal is to raise the next generation in leadership to understand that although the individual is important the team can accomplish more!

  Fitness Lessons


  Financial Results

  Charity/Giving Back


  Obstacle Based Run

  Over 10 years providing Fitness and Education to children

How It Works

Adventure Dash is a 10 day fundraiser for your school that breaks down to 3 major components. Every student gets to participate during the week everybody gets to run on Dash Day.

Team Rally

This is when the Adventures Dash team comes to introduce ourselves and explain who we are to Administration, Staff, and Children. This is the time that we get everyone excited about raising money for your school and kickoff the fundraiser in a fun and exciting way.

Team Breakouts

Every classroom will participate in breakouts each day and learn about our daily fitness lesson. This is a great way to build teamwork throughout your school and with the children in each classroom. The atmosphere in our breakouts is fun and competitive as we challenge students daily!

Dash Day

The Day has finally come that all of the students are waiting for. This is going to be an event that they won’t forget! It will have obstacles, challenges, music and overall fun! Every child will be able to participate on Dash Day. This event signifies the end of your successful fundraiser.

The Team

Not only are we the best at what we do, we also have the best team members to help us accomplish our goals. Our team always strives to make sure every child’s experience is awesome and every child participates.

A question that may be asked is, “How do we recruit our Team members?” Well, they are selected very carefully. It takes a very special person to be able to provide this experience for your school. Our team members are very unique, but they have many common traits. Strong leadership, trust, effective communication, respect, and togetherness just to name a few.


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How does the obstacle course work at the Adventure Dash Fun Run event?

Your child will complete the 5 to 6 obstacles on the course which will in return count as one lap. The obstacle course will contain high and low elements to really challenge your runners.

How Far will my child have to run?

Your child will run a half mile to a full mile around the obstacle course.

Where do I enter pledges?

All pledges are submitted online once you have created your child’s home page. Through this link you will be able to send your information to friends and family to donate.

When are pledges due?

We will accept pledges all the way up to the end of your event day.

Will there be a rainy day makeup for our event?

Yes, we always offer a rainy day makeup. We don’t not want your child to miss this amazing event.

Are cash and check donations accepted?

Yes, cash and check donations can be turned in to your school.

Contact Us

Give us a shout to put our team to work raising money for your school or to find out more information.